Thursday, 15 December 2016

Five fab picture books

They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel is an absolute gem of a book that introduces the idea of different perspectives through illustrations and a simple narrative.  A cat walks through the world, everyone sees it but they all see it differently. So simple yet completely genius because of the illustrations and clever repetition. This is quickly becoming once of our favourite reads of all time.

Pass it On by Sophy Henn
I wish I could get this cover image as a print. What a lovely collection of illustrations with a vintage feel. This is a charming book that celebrating the little joys in life. A perfect pick for the Christmas season. 
Dogs in Cars by Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker
This is not your average counting book. Dogs in Cars is full of fun and, of course, a menagerie of dogs. With this many lovingly illustrated canines it's just a little bit on the absurd side which makes it a delight to read.
How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz

A story of friendship, adventure and shared experience. I'm particularly drawn to each characters' voice and it was a joyful thing to read their conversations aloud to E. And the best part, this pair really does find gold!
Dogs don't do Ballet by Anna Kemp & Sarah Ogilve

To me this is a feel good story of diversity and dreams triumphing over stereotypes.  Children may simply see it as a funny story about a quirky dog with big dreams who manages to save the day.  Whatever your take on it I think it's a fantastic pick.