Friday, 4 November 2016

Two Things You May Not Know About Prague

I visited family in Prague over half term and learned two new things about what's become a very familiar city to me. Number one, Prague is home to an ace children's book publisher called Baobab.  They produce a range of seriously beautiful books and I'm particularly fond of one titled This Is Prague by Michaela Kukovicova & Olga Cerna.  Part guide book and part picture book, it captures the city's eclectic architectural styles in fun collage illustrations peppered with factual little anecdotes.

And while I got excited about the books E and his cousin went completely ape over the 'traffic playgrounds' in the city. A little known fact is that dotted around Prague and other Czech cities are these brilliant little traffic parks called dopravní hřiště in czech.  Implemented during Communist role and often in the shadow of tower blocks, these playgrounds mimic miniature city streets with working stoplights, model gas stations and proper road signs.  

The traffic parks give kids a rare opportunity to feel like they're powering through city streets on their bikes and scooters in a car free zone. E's favourite location had battery operated jeeps for hire and the tangle of vehicles proved to be quite challenge much for the lone right hand side driver in the crowd.  All in the traffic parks were a major hit and though they may have been originally designed to teach the rules of the road they provided a wild few hours of fun for our crew.

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