Saturday, 4 April 2020

Covid Times

Well hello! Many moons ago I wrote this blog each week.  Then I decided to do an MA. Then life kind of got in the way. Then the world turned completely upside down a few weeks/months ago and here I am. Welcome back everybody.

I thought I'd kick things off with a little activity to celebrate the '& other stuff' portion of the blog.  This is one of my go to activities for rainy days with grumpy kids and I think works well in our current normal. And shock horror... it's not about books.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

something you love
something purple

You'll need to hand over a device that your child can use to take digital photos. The idea is to create a list of ideas that they'll respond to by taking an image. You can give them a list or just call out the questions to them. I've included some of my favourites here but feel free to chop and change and add your own touch. Please do share any images in the comments or on social media!

Take a photo of:

  • something the colour (name any colour)
  • something you love
  • something an adult has to help you use
  • something boring
  • something that makes you happy
  • something that makes you feel excited
  • something that makes you feel a bit sad
  • something you'd like to share with a friend
  • something that won't last long
  • something that will last forever
  • something you like to eat all the time
  • something you've never eaten before (but is edible)
  • something you can't do during lock down
  • something you can do during lock down
  • something you are proud of
  • something that makes you feel safe
  • something you don't understand
  • something you've never noticed before
  • something you look at every day

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