Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva

I saw the cover of this book online and decided I really had to have it.  This was more about me than E. I fell in love with the lettering, the illustrations and the general style of Frank Viva's work. Clearly I'm a little slow to the game as I've since learned that he's a designer and also a cover illustrator for the The New Yorker ... now it all starts to make sense.

Like a number of the books I've featured, this one uses the illustrations to propel the story forward and the text is an integrated part of the design rather than the focus of the book.  It's pretty abstract as far as children's books go, but lo and behold E cannot put it down. I think it's the bike, the recognizable landscapes and the joyous shiny yellow road that runs from start to finish and urges you back to begin again.

This book will get you talking with your little reader as you pass through the city, the seaside and the countryside and deal with the small matter of running into apples on your bike.  I recommend this one as some serious kids' lit eye candy with real substance. To see more of Frank Viva's designs and creations visit his website:

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