Monday, 3 June 2013

Duo Press counting books and guest post from Lattes & Juice!

I’m very honored to be doing my very first book post for my good friend over at Mrs. Brown’s Books.  Mrs. Brown is our go to children’s book guru and always knows exactly what book to recommend.  I love how excited she gets when she finds a new book to obsess over. 

Unlike Mrs. Brown’s 3 year old boy, mine still has a hard time sitting still for a whole entire book.  Bedtime is about the only time where he is patient enough to let us read to him cover to cover because he is trying to buy more time.  My son is a complete numbers fanatic and I can get him to pay attention for longer periods of time when counting is involved.  We were gifted a New York City Cool Counting Book by Duo Press when he was a baby and it is definitely one of his favorite books of all time.

Duo Press do a series of Cool Counting Books from the numbers 1-10 with each book featuring a different city, state or theme.  For each number there is a fun graphic illustration of something iconic from the title place.   For example there are taxis, the Statue of Liberty and subway trains for New York City.  I love reading these books to my son because many of the places are very personal for us.  I am originally from New Jersey, my son was born in New York City, my brother lives in Brooklyn, and my husband used to live in Seattle so there’s a book for each one of these places.  It’s nice for us to come up with our own stories each time we read the book while reinforcing numbers and quantities.  We will definitely be adding California to our collection for our summer trip to West Coast.  Definitely worth picking up a copy an introduce a little piece of the States to your little one.
Here is a list of the books currently in the Cool Counting Books series:
123 Beach
123 Atlanta
123 Baltimore
123 Boston
123 Brooklyn
123 California
123 Chicago
123 Hawai’i
123 Minnesota
123 New Jersey
123 New York
123 Philadelphia
123 San Francisco
123 Seattle
123 Texas
123 Toronto
123 USA
123 Washington D.C.

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