Thursday, 22 August 2013

Three top titles to round out the summer

We've been carting around three top books with us on our travels and they've now taken up permanent residence in E's bedside reading basket. They make up the equivalent of a 'book soundtrack' for summer 2013 and I can highly recommend all three:

The Toucan Brothers is a new release by Tor Freeman.  E now name drops Tor Freeman if that's any indication of how much we all love this book.  I discovered this one through one of my favorite book blogs, Playing By the Book. It's a fantastic story with mesmorizing Richard Scarry like illustrations. 

The town of Tapton is rife with plumbing disasters after a cowboy plumber, Flash Rover, comes to town and swindles all the residents.  Sammy and Paul save the day to the tune of a lovely, funny and clever ryhming narrative.  It sings along when read aloud and reminds me of the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' it's so effective.  We love this book and will be giving away lots of copies for 4 year old birthday presents this year.

My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza was a holiday loaner from a dear friend in the US. It's the story of a pig who outfoxes a fox. The pig saves himself from the fox and manages to get bathed, massaged and well fed in the process. The pig's refrain throughout, 'just a thought Mr Fox' lasts long after the story has finished. This is E's summer mantra at present (and I've now let the cat out of the bag that this one came back to London rather than returning to its home in Myrtle Beach!).

My Granny Is a Pirate is by Val McDermid and Arthur Robins. Another dear friend, Brixton based this time, gave me the tip off on this book.  This is a rhyming tale about a little boy who has a secret ... his Granny is a pirate.  She's worked her way up the pirate ranks and is a good pirate who captures naughty ones and orders them to return gold to the pirate bank.  At the end of the day she returns to her hiding place, trades her pirate uniform for her granny clothes, fights some ghost pirates and rounds out the day with her dog (Jolly Roger of course), and a big slug of pirate grog. Grannies, pirates, dogs and handbags at dusk - all the makings for a great read!

Happy last days of summer everyone!

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