Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo! by Emma Chichester Clark

It's back to school (aka nursery) for E this week and I'm very much looking forward to the return of our routine. E, however, is less impressed by the idea. So much so that he woke up shouting in the night this week, 'no school, no back to school.'  I decided that I needed a little help bolstering his enthusiasm and was delighted to see that one of my favorite author/illustrators, Emma Chichester Clark, released a title last year called, Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo!'.

This engaging, colorful book continues the story of the very loveable Blue Kangaroo and his very lively owner, Lily. Lily is about to go to a new school and she's worried about getting lost and making friends.  Blue Kangaroo, however, can't wait.  He accompanies Lily on her first day, and later finds himself alone at school after Lily has so much fun that she forgets him by mistake.  Playful mischeif ensues and Blue Kangaroo is busy overnight painting pictures, solving math problems and building towers with blocks.  The surprised children discover their classroom transformed the next day, but only Lily and Blue Kangaroo know the secret of how it all came to be.

E is a big fan of Lily and Blue Kangaroo, possibly because he can match their knack for moods and antics.  I like the series for their happy illustrations and totally on the mark narratives.  Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo! is published by Harper Collins in the UK.   Emma Chichester Clark has a beautifully illustrated website and a fun blog about her dog Plum. Make sure to check them out!