Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bubble & Squeak by James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy

Bubble & Squeak is the story of an unlikely friendship between a performing elephant and a curious little mouse. Bubble is the star of Mr Magnifico's famous traveling show.  She's celebrated the world over for her Pyramid of Peril act, but despite the praise and adulation Bubble is lonely. She has fun with the other performers in the show but they're too busy to be the kind of friend that Bubble is looking for. She's acutely aware of her situation and when a brave little mouse turns up to save the day, Bubble decides to ask him to stay.  They soon become a very happy pair of loyal friends and Mr Magnifico seals the deal by asking Squeak to join the show.

This story excels as a longer narrative with well paced text. It doesn't skimp on the details and provides a distinct beginning, middle and end. E is uncharacteristically quiet when we read this book and he has requested it 5 nights running now. 

The illustrations are truly marvellous. Vulliamy's colour palette appears void of green or orange, and the irresistable result is a bubble gum feel that creates a dream world where bears run travelling shows and human beings perfom alongside a menagerie of animals.

James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy are each established in their own right and I hope that they'll team up again for another creation in future!  Bubble and Squeak is published by Orchard Books in the UK and Sterling in the US.


  1. Think your comments about the palette are so true! Bring your son to the festival I'm organising in Birmingham in November - Clara is doing a workshop based on Bubble and Squeak, and you can also meet James!

  2. I'd love to - will you email the details to me? Thanks!