Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Very Pirate Christmas by Timothy Knapman and Russell Ayto

Six Books I'm Reading...

In no particular order the second of six festive books on the blog this season is 'A Very Pirate Christmas' by Timothy Knapman with illustrations by Russell Ayto. This is a crackin' Christmas tale and E is over the moon at the chance to read about pirates AND Father Christmas in one story.

It all begins on Christmas Eve when a band of pesky pirates capture Father Christmas and hide him in the hold of their ship.  Once he's safely stowed away they steal his sleigh and make the rounds scooping up all the loot he's just delivered.  They think they've gotten away with it until the cabin boy wakes up, catches them in the act and shames them into returning the presents and restoring Christmas cheer.

With funny ryhming text from Timothy Knapman and engaging illustrations from Russell Ayto (of Captain Flinn fame) this book is a keeper.  And if your house is anything like mine get ready to ready if for many, many, many nights to come!

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