Friday, 11 December 2015

Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

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 Originally published in 1993, Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree is a wondrous tale of the tree that keeps on giving, and in doing so captures the meaning of Christmas. In quick, clever ryhming text we learn that Mr Willowby's tree is just too big and the top must be cut off or it simply won't fit in his house. This little cutting becomes someone else's tree and the bit snipped off that tree gets passed on to someone else until even the mice have the perfect tree for Christmas, all thanks to Mr Willowby.

Beautifully illustrated with a vintage feel, this is a book I look forward to each year. And if you want more of Mr Willowby's story look up the Jim Henson production from 1995 and treat yourself to a little movie with Kermit as your guide.

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