Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Snow Beast by Chris Judge

With a main character that would normally be the 'baddie' this book caught E's attention immediately. Chris Judge's 'Beast' stars in a series of awesome books and we're thoroughly enjoying 'The Snow Beast' as a Christmas treat.

The villagers living below the Beast's mountain have had their tools stolen and it's preventing the annual snow festival from going ahead.  Eager to help the villagers, the Beast goes on a hunt to find the culprit, and in a series of comic book like illustrations we follow him as he chases a giant set of footprints and eventually meets another Beast.

In the end the tools are returned, the Snow Beast is introduced to the villagers and there is a rockin' party in an iceberg.  Seriously, how much cooler can you get?  E loves the DJ Beast and counting the cakes at the party. I love the time together to enjoy a good book. Happy Holidays everyone!

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